We are firm believers in preventing problems before they start, and often the best way to do so is through consistent training.  Such training not only introduces important legal concepts, but it can also build and solidify teams.  We provide in-house training to businesses and organizations throughout the state.  Whether it be for a new business, an expanding franchise, or a government agency, such training can be an invaluable tool in improving customer service, avoiding behavior that invites lawsuits, in addition to reducing turnover and improving employee relations.

We regularly meet with our clients to assess their training needs and can tailor presentations to a format, length, and subject matter that best suits their needs.  Some of our courses include the following:

  • An Overview of Employment Law in Virginia
  • Identifying Personalities and Perspectives
  • The Manager as Mediator
  • Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Employee Standards Training
  • Sensitivity Training

In addition, we can review and revise corporate employment manuals and train an organization on existing or revised policies and procedures to ensure compliance.

We have consistently been praised for our materials and presentation, and we believe our training can positively transform a workplace.

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