Legal Malpractice

The firm’s expertise in matters involving professional negligence extends to legal malpractice claims between attorneys and clients. Such claims are evaluated thoroughly with the goal of developing the most appropriate resolution strategy as early as possible, whether through informal negotiation, formal ADR proceedings, or litigation.  Regardless of the resolution method, the firm handles such matters with discretion and professionalism.  

Lawyers don’t often talk about it, but legal mistakes can and do occur.  A common basis for a legal malpractice claim arises when an attorney misses a deadline for filing a pleading, and that error proves irrevocably and incurably fatal to the client’s case.  Such claims can usually be resolved expeditiously after review by the appropriate expert and submission to the attorney’s malpractice insurer; however, absent an aggressive and timely demand, coupled with a lawsuit and its deadlines, many such claims languish and go unresolved.  The state bars can and often do help clients get a resolution of their claim in cases of clear negligence; however, as state agencies, their aim is different than that of a private attorney whose sole aim is a positive resolution for you, not the attorney whose mistake left you without a remedy.

An attorney’s mistake can prevent a client’s case form ever reaching Court — with potentially devastating effects on the client and his/her family.  The firm’s attorneys regularly handle claims against attorneys for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract and are well-versed in the process for proving such claims, as well as evaluating the underlying cause(s) of action.

The following is representative of the firm’s recent cases; however, every case is unique, and no attorney can guarantee a specific result in litigation.  Please contact one of the firm’s attorneys if you have any specific questions regarding the potential value of your claim.

  • $400,000 for mismanagement of a medical malpractice claim
  • $225,000 for mismanagement of a personal injury/Workers’ Compensation claim
  • $50,000 for failure to file a personal injury claim
  • $30,000 for failure to file an employment claim
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