Real Estate Litigation

Both sellers and purchasers can lose valuable rights through misrepresentations and failures to perform in connection with real estate transactions. Such problems often greatly devalue a homeowner’s property and may also affect the ability to resell the property. The firm represents all parties from buyers and sellers to brokers and agents to inspectors of all kinds, and provides lease reviews and updates, counseling in landlord-tenant disputes, and property management evaluations.

In a recent case handled by the firm, where a “house-flipping” company represented that it had “completely rebuilt” our clients’ house, but in fact had utilized unlicensed contractors, used substandard materials, and covered over known defects, we were able to obtain a favorable recovery not just against the seller but against the realtors, home inspector, and termite inspection company as well.

In addition to traditional legal representation, the firm can represent parties and/or realtors in mediation sessions held pursuant to Paragraph 17 of the REIN purchase agreement and recommend other ADR services addressing such issues as valuation, contract rescission, and economic loss.

The following is representative of the firm’s recent cases; however, every case is unique, and no attorney can guarantee a specific result in litigation.  Please contact one of the firm’s attorneys if you have any specific questions regarding the potential value of your claim.

  • $196,500 verdict against a real estate company in Virginia Beach
  • $131,500 verdict against a termite inspector in Portsmouth
  • $75,000 settlement with seller and inspection company in Chesapeake
  • $45,000 settlement with owner and inspection company in Norfolk
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