State & Federal Appeals

Appellate practice requires a thorough knowledge of each appellate court’s rules and practices.  Members of the firm have handled appeals in the Virginia Supreme Court, the Virginia Court of Appeals, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

For example, in a case where the trial court vacated a jury verdict of $850,000 in our client’s favor, we appealed the trial court’s decision.  The Supreme Court reinstated the jury’s verdict, and our client was ultimately able to collect not only the original $850,000 awarded but nearly $100,000 more in interest and costs.  In a premises liability case, where the trial court improperly mixed a workers compensation claim with a third party claim, we were able to settle a $1,000,000+ action utilizing the appellate court’s mediation process.  In a medical malpractice case where the trial court granted a directed verdict for the defendants, we obtained a reversal of the trial court’s decision and a new trial.

Trial judges make mistakes just as lawyers and other professionals do.  Most firms, however, are reluctant to hold judges accountable on appeal, either because of the additional time and expense required, their lack of appellate experience, or both.  When our firm takes a case, we see it to the end, whether through a prompt settlement or a result obtained through the appellate court system.


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